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Mission Statement of Awesomeness

Thank you for visiting Michael's Mad Music. As most of you already know, I make Youtube videos to help me sell my music (amongst other awesome things).

It was kind of hard to make this site, because I didn't want to push some kind of affiliate product on my fans who likely aren't interested, yet at the same time, I have to make money to survive. That's why every dollar that I make helps me make music and entertaining videos for you.

However, if you are interested in buying music gear, and/or learning about affiliate marketing so that you can do what I do for a living, check out my contact page in the top bar.

If you haven't already, ya'll should also check out my Patreon page. I was considering doing Fiverr, but I felt as though that set a limit on my fans. I know that some people are going to want to pay more than five bucks for a song, and some people are going to want to pay less.

It is important to note that while everybody loves music, not everybody loves the same music. I'm not hoping to troll the internet to get "likes", or whatever the cool thing is nowadays, but I am hoping to introduce ya'll to new music.

So, it may be of interest to say, that when you listen to music, it is a good idea to listen for the influence of other artists on that music. If you really like my music, I encourage you to take a second listen, and maybe even discover new artists through my art.

Popular Artists Who Have Inspired Me

A Few Cool Definitions to Keep in Mind

Musical notes that don't necessarily go together in a conventional sense (generally due to pitch). Music that borders on what could be considered "noise".

Pretty Music. Notes that go together within a scale and create a type of harmony that is "pleasing to the ear".

It is my Belief that Everyone Can, and Should, Make Music.

So, with this mantra in mind, here are a few websites that have helped me make my music. Hopefully there are a few on this list that you did not know about, and if you did know about them, then why aren't you out makeing music?! :)

Click me to see my musical influences!

I figured I'd put a goofy picture of myself here, mainly so that people will know that they are on the right website. I know most people likely got here from Youtube, but still, I don't want people to think that this is some other goofy white guy's site. I mean, that would simply be embarassing. Embarassing for me anyway. It'd be like I directed you to someone elses site.